5 Memory Games For Your iPhone

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Memory Games For iPhoneThere are many memory games for your iPhone that can help to exercise your brain. When you exercise your brain, you can increase concentration, memory, focus and even your IQ. Whether you are having trouble staying focused at school or work or are forgetting things on your shopping list, your iPhone can now help with your brain exercise.

1. Brain Fitness Pro

Brain Fitness ProMemory games for your iPhone can actually help you to do well on tests and professional exams. Brain Fitness Pro for iPhone focuses on problem-solving skills as well as focus to boost your brain into high gear. This is an excellent game for students, professionals and seniors alike because it helps to sharpen the mind. The recommendation is to play the game thirty minutes a day for the best results.

There are games inside of Brain Fitness Pro that are specifically designed for memory and skill. The screenshots are easy to read and you can choose to get visual or oral prompts. The game uses the “dual n-back” brain protocol for cognitive training. After just weeks of playing, you’ll notice that the way your mind is synthesizing information is faster and more effective than ever before.

2. iCue Memory Cards

iCueImagine being able to memorize the entire order of a deck of playing cards. It may be easier than you think – with practice. Being able to do so will not only amaze your friends but it will help you to increase your focus and memory.

In iCue Memory Cards, you will be show cards from a deck. Your score is then based upon how quickly you can recall the order of the cards and how many you memorized. This will help you to boost your memory skills and fine tune the speed in which your memory works.

3. Memory Matrix

Memory MatrixLearning where things are will help you to remember where you parked your car and placed the important files for work. One of the ways to help you with this is helping you to focus. Memory Matrix will show several blocks on a screen. You then have to repeat the pattern in a blank box to make sure that you remembered where the blocks were. This is effective because it helps to give you a sense of a 3D environment as well as recalling visual patterns. Spatial recall will also help you to increase your IQ with regular practice.

4. Brain Challenge

Brain ChallengeBrain Challenge will help you to improve your overall brain capacity and remember your performance from week to week. You will get your own coach to help you to determine where you need the most work so that you can focus on the parts of the brain that need the most work. You will get various fun exercises to help improve your problem solving skills as well as your memory. You will have time limits for each question so that your speed is constantly getting better, as well. You will be able to constantly monitor your results so that you can watch for improvement the longer you play the games.

5. Memory Cube

Sounds and graphics make Memory Cube a fun game to play as well as helping our minds exercise in regards to the way our memory actually functions. It will be just like the memory game you played as a child, but instead of having to take up an entire table with cards, it is all done from your iPhone (and will prevent you from cheating). You will need to remember where certain symbols are so that you can create pairs and get them to disappear from the playing screen. All of the symbols actually mean something, too. You can learn what they mean by following the link to Wikipedia to learn the Greek alphabet and many other symbols mean.

Downloading these memory games will make a dramatic difference to your focus and concentration throughout the day. Just as your body needs to exercise to stay physically fit, your brain needs to exercise to stay mentally fit. There are plenty of times to be able to play these short games while on the go and the results can be seen instantly. These memory games for iPhone are all available in the app store so you can start exercising today.


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