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Think of a brilliant iPhone app, build a great app, and the buyers will come.

Steve DemeterYou don’t have to be a genius to come up with extraordinary iPhone app ideas. Take the example of Steve Demeter, a veteran web developer who came up with a brilliant iPhone app idea and developed the Trism iPhone app which earned over $250,000 in just two months. An idea is all it takes and the rest as they say is history. It holds true in case of Steve Demeter as Trism smashes sales records one after the other on Apple App Store and went on to win the best casual game award.

Of course, it sounds interesting and like Steve, several people want to run businesses aspiring to develop iPhone and iPad apps for profit. However, iPhone application development is no child’s play so people wanting to learn writing iPhone apps need to know certain skills and tools. You need to be aware of the details of iOS platform, the SDK and other nuances involved in being an Apple developer.

However, the good part is that if you have a great iPhone idea, you can always find developers to help convert that idea into a bestselling iPhone app. Not every one is a born programmer so even if you don’t have the required capabilities to convert your idea to a functional iPhone app, it’s not the end of the world.

Killer Ideas

It’s often said that if you’ve an idea for the next killer iPhone app, half the battle is already won. Therefore, it’s crucial to spend time researching innovative iPhone app ideas before you decide to build an iPhone app.

1. Social Media

Social media has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Facebook and Twitter are all the rage these days. In fact, a number of social media apps have been Top ranked apps on Apple Store in the past.

If you have an iPhone app idea that involves social media, it’s a good bet for your business.

2. Gaming

The Apple iPhone is a fantastic gaming device, therefore it’s no surprise that games are the most downloaded iPhone app segment. Games such as Bubble Ball, developed by a 14 year old boy managed to top the Apple App Store charts for several months. Angry Birds by Rovio already ranks amongst the most profitable games of all times.

3. Productivity

The iPhone is fast gaining prominence in the enterprise segment as the preferred smartphone. Businesses and individuals are always on the look out for iPhone apps that help improve their overall productivity so such apps are a good candidate for development.

4. Education & Learning

The iPhone thrives on usability. It provides such an intuitive interface that everybody from kids to baby bloomers can use it with equal ease. In fact, kids love the iPhone for its’ attractive user interface and the wide choice of kid-based apps available. The App Store has several blockbuster apps for learning alphabets, numbers and more such kid learning activities. However, despite the plethora of such apps available, there’s still plenty of scope to develop such innovative apps for money and profit.

5. Puzzles

A lot of people use their iPhone to kill time by solving puzzles, sudokus, brain games and other mental exercises. If you have a killer idea which would help people exercise their grey cells, it’s worth building an iPhone app for such an idea.

6. Mobile Commerce

Almost all iPhone owners use their devices to access the internet. In fact, a large number of them end up making online purchases through their iPhone. Most such sites currently rely on either third-party sites or eCommerce gateways for financial transactions. Therefore, mobile Commerce-based iPhone apps seems to be an emerging market.

7. Teenage Apps

Teenagers love the iPhone because it’s cool and trendy. In fact, teenagers are amongst the heaviest app downloaders on the Apple App Store. Therefore, it’s not advisable to ignore such an important segment of the iPhone owner community. Teenage apps about chatting, music, videos and dating have worked wonderfully well in the past on Apple App Store.

Think, Idea and Do ItWhen it comes to building the next killer iPhone app, the idea is as important as the execution. If you have an authentic and unique idea and you’re sure there’s a market for it, the next step is to identify a developer who can convert that idea into a bestselling iPhone app. Even if your idea isn’t unique, you can still benefit by cloning some of the most popular iPhone apps and adding new features to them. Either way, it’s all about generating iPhone app ideas for money and profit.

An idea is all it takes to change the world. If you’ve got great iPhone app ideas and the willingness to transform them into apps, you may become be the next iPhone app millionaire in the making.

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Gerry Reed

How about an APP for use on Android or Apple Phones that uses face recognition technology like in Picassa etc.
When you see someone from a distance, whether on the street, in a restaurant, at a meeting or anywhere and you have forgotten their name etc. you can then pretend to be texting and it will capture their face and display your pre-entered details such as name, wifes name, business and so on.
This would of course involve taking a photo at sometime previously of the person. Could save a lot of embarrasment !!!



Thanks Gerry for coming with this genius idea. We really love to see this app come to live.


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