Despite what you may think, one do not need to be a computer geek or programmer to create an iPhone app and make money from it. With reasonable commitment, anybody – from the absolute beginner to the the aspiring entrepreneur on a shoestring budget – can easily build simple and functional apps for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and still make money from it.

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iPhone Apps

Jonah Grant was 13 when he developed his first mobile application, Pong, a homage to the original video game from Atari.

Two years later, it’s not on the app store any longer, but that hasn’t stopped him from developing. Now a freshman in high school in a Chicago suburb, Grant has recently added “BookYap,” a book recommendation app, to his growing list of iPhone/iPad apps on Apple’s App Store.

He’s gotten so much experience developing apps on a whim and for practice that companies are now approaching him to design their apps for them. While many of his own apps are free, he’s learned enough to help solve others’ app design problems.

Out of his 5,000-student high school, he knows only one other student who dabbles in apps, but Grant has more experience. And he’s learning how to make money with iPhone apps.

Here are others under his name:

  • Walkie-Talkie 3000 – selling for 99 cents, this app turns your iPhone and iPod Touches into a walkie talkie using the devices’ Bluetooth connections for all of your secret missions.
  • Commandments – the original tablet app offers the original tablets – the 10 Commandments from Moses – for your iPad. “At the end of the day, the iPad is a tablet. It’s the latest in a long generation of tablets. All these cool apps are flowing out of the app store. Why not try out the first-ever tablet,” reads the promotional wording for the app.
  • Balloon Popper – fly into the sky: For 99 cents, pop balloons floating in the sky and send them back to earth. “Minimal, yet entertaining,” reads the app’s description.

Grant learned how to develop code by playing around with sample code online, and meeting people online who could teach him things or help him when he had a problem.

He said his app ideas on the app store now were mostly developed on a whim, although he’s done some comparison to see how he can improve his own.

He charges for apps depending on how long it took to make and who he thought would be buying it. The apps he’s developed for both himself and clients have been downloaded more than 300,000 times, he said.

“It’s really not that hard. Set a price, give the app to Apple and the next thing you know, money is flowing into your savings account,” Grant wrote in an e-mail interview.

While apps have always been around in one form or another – on the computer, the web and now on mobile devices, Grant has some advice to those interested in learning how to make an iPhone app that will make money or be successful on mobile devices.

  1. Think mobile. Your user doesn’t have a lot of space on their screen. Don’t overload the user with information, and don’t waste space,” Grant wrote in the e-mail interview.
  2. Speed. In this day and age, lagging and crashes just aren’t acceptable. You need to make your software as speedy as possible,” Grant continued.
  3. Beauty. Please, please don’t make your apps’ user interface look straight out of Windows 95. Invest in a good designer and make a piece of art.”

The In-App Purchase

Another popular option for making money with iPhone apps these days is what’s known as the “in-app purchase.” This method is becoming the dominant way that new developers are using to monetize apps, said app developer and author Dave Wooldridge in an interview.

“It enables developers to offer a true try-before-you-buy model,” said Wooldridge who is author of “The Business of iPhone and App Development: Making and Marketing Apps that Succeed” as well as the founder of Electric Butterfly ( that specializes in iOS app development.

Free apps get you downloaded onto many more devices, and then the more they like it, they’ll want more features, he said.

“It’s a much more convenient and seamless user experience than the older free Lite and Paid versions scenarios,” Wooldridge said.

There is a programming challenge associated with using in-app purchases to make money with your iPhone/iPad apps. It requires learning how to use the Store Kit framework in your iOS app, he said, adding he explains that process in his book.

“The extra consumer convenience and sales/marketing advantages it (the in-app purchase feature) provides far outweigh any development burden of implementing it,” Wooldridge said.


Another way that you can make money with your iPhone/iPad app is through advertisements. Through Apple’s Software Development Kit, or SDK, Apple offers what’s called the iAd Network, which is a network from Apple that does the advertising work for you.

Although you run the risk of alienating users who don’t like seeing a lot of ads on the apps that they’ve paid to download, it is another revenue stream when you’re trying to make money with iPhone apps.

A lot of app developers, like those behind the popular Words With Friends Game from Newtoy, Inc., offer free versions of their apps which come with ads. Then, users enjoying the free apps but tired of ads popping up can opt to buy the full version without any ads.

A Passion For Your App

However you decide on how to make money with your iPhone app, don’t create apps just because you think it will earn you some cash.

“Create apps that you’re passionate about,” Wooldridge said. “The best apps are ones that reflect a true commitment and attention to detail from the developer. Take the time to craft a truly beautiful app! No amount of marketing can help sell a bad app.”

Cool Reasons To Create Your iPhone Apps Today

  1. Enormous Opportunities – With the phenomenal success of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch plus 10 billion downloads and a projected 21 billion apps to be sold in the next 2 years, this enormous growth provides a fertile ground for newcomers, small developers and aspiring entrepreneurs to create a fortune with little or no startup capital.
  2. Frictionless Global Distribution – Technology and the internet has make the buying of apps super easy for consumers. With the iPhone and iPad available in 88 countries worldwide, you can sell your app and make money from it while you sleep.
  3. Well Compensated Lifestyle – It’s a no brainer. Apple takes 30% and you get to keep 70% of everything you sell in the iPhone AppStore. Plus once you start to make money with your iPhone apps, you have the freedom to work as much or as little as you want, and you have no set hours to be in an office and no boss to report to.

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